Goji Soil pH is Crucial to Growth

The newest super food to hit the U.S. market is the goji berry. This little red berry from Asia has been found to offer many health benefits to those who consume it on a regular basis. While the popularity of this berry is growing rapidly it availability is still limited on comparison to other well know health promoting super foods. The price of this berry has seen a recent reduction but the of goji berries is still considered high in relation to other imported berries. All of this has led several people to begin to grow their own goji berries for consumption. The key to being able to grow these berries is on the goji soil pH amongst other factors.

Why the Goji Berry is Expensive to Buy

For some time the goji was being used in the United States with little widespread attention. Many Indian and other Asian restaurants have used the berry for some time now in many various dished they serve. The berry also began to be used by upscale chefs as an exotic ingredient to new culinary creations. Once the berry was found to offer the many health benefits the popularity of the berry has spread well beyond chefs and restaurants to the average consumer.

When the berry was being used mainly by chefs and restaurants the price of the berry was quite high. Now that more companies are using the berry as an additive to their health food products and many consumers are buying the berry for their person consumption, the price has somewhat lowered. The problem is that the price of the berry is still high even with the onset of bulk buying of the berry and distribution competition. This is because no major berry growers in the United States have been able to replicate the Asian environments which offer the best goji soil pH on a large scale.

Growing Your Own Goji Berries

People looking to consume the goji berry for its many health benefits such as reduced stress and the reduction on the signs of aging are turning to growing the berry themselves. This is because the berry can be so expensive to purchase and replicating the goji soil pH is easy to do on a small scale. The goji berry can be easily cultivated and grown in pots in your yard or in a greenhouse. You just need to provide the amount of sunshine, hydration, and soil environment as the plan needs to thrive in its Asian lands of origin.

The soil use to grow your goji berries needs to be in the range from clay to sandy. The soil will also need to be mixed with worn waste and organic compost in order to achieve the best results. It is also imperative that the goji soil pH be from 7.5 to 8.6 on the pH scale. You will want to be sure as to not overwater your goji plants. You will also want to be sure they are in the sunlight between 7 to 9 hours each day.

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